Planet Youth Project

Teens & Kids for a Sustainable Future

Who are we?

Planet Youth Project is a teen-led nonprofit organization based in Sammamish, Washington. We bring together high-achieving high school students to collaborate on climate outreach efforts. As part of our mission, we offer free programs to local elementary school kids introducing them to climate change with an engaging curriculum focused on action. 

 Our Mission

We strongly believe that it is the youth that will lead the fight against climate change. By introducing the climate crisis to children through an empowering lens, we hope to help kids build long-term sustainable habits, become outspoken leaders in their communities, and have some fun along the way!

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What Students Are Saying...

"This program is really good! It teaches you all about climate change and in other sections it teaches you about what we can DO about climate change." 

"I learned a lot marine debris, diversity, endangered species, and many other things that I don't regularly learn from schools."

Learn about our programs

Planet Youth Project
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