Board of Directors

Adult Supervisors of Planet Youth Project

Yair Tor

Yair Tor is a Partner Product Manager at Microsoft. He believes climate change is one of the most existential challenges we need to face and that community outreach at a young age can help grow awareness of the impact our own actions have and what we can do to protect our planet. Yair oversees Planet Youth Project financial and legal needs to support its important work.

Anoop Tripathi

Anoop Tripathi is the Director of Business Applications Partnerships at Microsoft. He believes climate needs to be the #1 priority for all countries and corporations as it impacts everyone. Public awareness on this issue will be the key force to bring about the actual change in areas such as cutting emissions and sustainable production of goods. Done well, this effort may well be the lifeline for future generations. 

Partha Srinivasan

Partha Srinivasan is currently a Principal Product Manager at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Group in Seattle. Prior to this, Partha spent several years in the enterprise high-tech industry, spanning many products in various roles, and has mentored several team members during his career. He has helped start-ups to jump-start and grow their businesses. He believes in protecting the climate and environment through grassroots activities and thinks it is essential for a sustainable future for the generations to come.

Planet Youth Project
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