Board Officers + Teachers of Planet Youth Project

Hila Tor     

Founder + Director/Advisor

Hila is a prospective first-year at Yale University, currently on a gap year. In addition to her leadership in Planet Youth Project throughout high school, Hila was president of Eastlake Choir, secretary of the Jewish Student Union, and co-vice-president of the Astronomy Club. 

She has teaching experience as an SAT, math, and French tutor for various grade levels, as well as a teaching assistant for kindergarten-2nd grade reading and writing at the Jewish Day School in Bellevue.  Hila is also involved in astrophysics research, theatre, competitive singing, and equity work. 

Hila decided to create Planet Youth Project at the beginning of her junior year when she realized that children lack the apathy adults have to the urgency of the climate crisis. She believes that youth engagement has the power to inspire the community as a whole. Through PYP, Hila hopes to give kids an opportunity to develop sustainable habits and valuable leadership skills while also learning the joys of science!

Lindsey Desai


Lindsey Desai is a senior at Eastlake High School. She's excited to continue on PYP's officer board after three years in the organization. 

Lindsey has been involved with climate work since 8th grade, speaking to national senators and their staff, state political representatives, and other local leaders asking for change and stricter environmental regulations. She also has extensive experience in education - over the past two years, she has led various engagement efforts for middle schoolers across the Lake Washington School District, and this past summer, she interned at Camp Kindness Counts, working directly with kids of diverse backgrounds.

Lindsey became involved with Planet Youth Project to promote early climate education. When working in middle schools, Lindsey was surprised by how little some students knew about climate change. Lindsey deeply values PYP's focus on environmental education for younger grades and strives to ensure more students get to middle and high school with a foundational understanding of climate change. 

Chloe Endersby-Dyck

Vice President

Chloe Endersby-Dyck is a senior at Eastlake High School in Sammamish, Washington. Outside of PYP, Chloe is vice president and co-founder of Sammamish Community Club. Chloe has worked as a Spanish tutor, a volunteer at Sammamish YMCA family events, and is involved with multiple political/social justice initiatives centered around women and children.

Chloe loves working with children and is inspired by their unending curiosity and desire to learn. She has loved interacting with kids through Sammamish YMCA events such as annual holiday festivals. Additionally, Chloe is passionate about social justice and will intern at Georgetown School of Law this summer to further her interests. 

Chloe recognizes the urgent need for action to combat climate change and appreciates PYP's unique approach towards environmental awareness. She recognizes the need for comprehensive education on such an important issue for adults and children alike.

Ananya Tripathi

Secretary + Head of Community Outreach

Ananya is a senior at Eastlake High School in Sammamish, Washington. She is a student ambassador for Technovation Washington, an Eastlake NHS officer, and an Assistant Drum Major in the Eastlake Band. In addition to volunteering as a teacher for PYP, Ananya has taught students about robotics and coding during the summer. She has also developed multiple climate-change related apps. Ananya has a passion for robotics, computer science, business, dance, and the environment.

Ananya is deeply aware of the urgency around climate change and is passionate about creating a healthy planet. Through Planet Youth Project, she hopes to educate students about the consequences of climate change and the changes they can make in their own lives to contribute to a more sustainable planet. 

Dhaya Sarathy


Dhaya is a junior at Eastlake High School in Sammamish, Washington. She participates in cross country, EHS band, and Indian classical music and dance, in addition to various clubs. Dhaya also works with kids as a ski instructor in the winters. She enjoys reading, math, and science, and she also likes baking, running, and skiing in her free time!

Dhaya became involved in Planet Youth Project because she recognizes that it is imperative that we act now to preserve Earth, as the future affects us all. She is passionate about environmental and social justice and believes that creating change means educating and helping the next generation to understand the importance of conserving this planet. 

Ilinca Hamza

Public Relations

Ilinca Hamza is a junior at Eastlake High School in Sammamish, Washington. She's thrilled to join the PYP officer team after her involvement as a volunteer!

Ilinca is passionate about marine science and climate change. In addition to her leadership in PYP, she advocates for marine conservation as a Youth Ocean Advocate at the Seattle Aquarium and serves as the president of the non-profit educational organization Girls Rock in Science and Math. She is also the co-president of her school's BioClub, vice president of the Astronomy Club, and president of Marine Science Club. She hopes to someday get a PhD in marine science. 

Nilla Mugundan


Nilla Mugundan is a junior at Eastlake High School in Sammamish, Washington, with a passion for climate action and education. She has other teaching experience through the Pacific Science Center's Camps for Curious Minds, where she works to ignite curiosity in children across many ages. She is passionate about seeing students take a role in climate action!

Nilla is excited to join the PYP officer team and contribute to preserving the Earth, combating climate change, and educating our youth. She recognizes that youth education is imperative to the future of our planet. 

Planet Youth Project
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